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Arms, Suzanne – Immaculate Deception II: Myth, Magic, and Birth

Armstrong, Penny, Feldman, Sheryl, & Kitzinger, Sheila – A Wise Birth: Bringing Together the Best of natural Childbirth and Modern Medicine

Balaskas, Janet – The Water Birth Book.

Bardsley, S. and L. Capacchions – Creating A Joyful Birth Experience

Block, Jennifer – Pushed

Buckley, Dr. Sarah J. – Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

Chopra, Deepak – Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives: A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

Church, Dawson – Birthing the Angel: Meditation Exercises for Expecting Parents

Davis, Elizabeth – Heart & Hands: A Midwife’s Guide to Pregnancy and Birth

Dick-Read, Grantly, MD. – Childbirth Without Fear

Dye, John H. – Easy Childbirth or Healthy Mothers and Healthy Children: A Book for All Women

England, Pam and Horowitz, Rob – Birthing From Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation

Gaskin, Ina Mae – Babies, Breastfeeding & Bonding

Goer, Henci – The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth

Gurevich, Rachel – The Doula Advantage: Your Complete Guide to Having an Empowered and Positive Birth with the Help of a Professional Childbirth Assistant

Hallett, Elisabeth – In the Newborn Year

Harper, Barbara – Gentle Birth Choices

Hawk, Breck – Hey! Who’s Having This Baby, Anyway ?

Huggins, Kathleen – The Nursing Mother’s Companion

Jackson, Deborah – Three in a Bed: The Benefits of Sharing Your Bed With Your Baby

Jones, Carl – Alternative Birth

Jones, Carl – After the Baby is Born

Jones, Carl – Sharing Birth: A Father’s Guide to Giving Support During Labor

Jones, Carl – The Birth Partner’s Handbook

Karp, Harvey – Baby Bliss

Karp, Harvey – The Happiest Baby on the Block

Klaus, Marshall and Phyllis – Your Amazing Newborn

Kitzinger, Sheila – Homebirth

Lesko, W. and M. – The Maternity Sourcebook

Lipson, Tony – From Conception to Birth: Our Most Important Journey

Mongan, Marie – HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method

Montagu, Ashley – Touching: Tthe Human Significance of the Skin

Motha, Gowri & Macleod, Karen Swan – The Gentle Birth Method

Nilsson, Lennart – A Child Is Born

Northrup, Christine, MD. – Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Odent, Michel, MD. – The Nature of Birth & Breastfeeding

Schwartz, Leni – Bonding Before Birth

Sears W. and M. – The Birth Book

Simkin, Penny – The Birth Partner: Everything You Need to Know to Help A Woman Through Childbirth

Simkin, Keppler, and Whalley – Pregnancy, Childbirth And The Newborn

Wirth, Frederick, MD. – Prenatal Parenting

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