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This is a 6 month program that can start before, during or after pregnancy to help you adjust to the change that a new baby can bring. HealthyMoon Coaching takes a holistic approach to lifestyle and nutrition, helping you adjust both your primary and secondary nutrition to help you & your family lead a healthy & happy life.

Before pregnancy:

We offer fertility support and preparation of the body and mind for pregnancy, using food and natural means. The fertility support program includes detoxification and cleansing the body for mother, or both parents-to-be to encourage successful conception. We also educate about the most important factors to increase fertility, both using the mind and nutrition.

During pregnancy:

We offer support for establishing healthy food habits and teaching mom how to listen to her body’s needs, whether they are for food, or for emotional support. By listening to her body’s needs, mom will be in the best position to nourish and feed her baby. Mom will learn how to analyse her cravings, pick healthy alternatives and honor her need to indulge, guilt-free, when she needs to. Mom will learn relaxation and stress relief techniques and how to maintain an emotional state that is best for her growing and developing baby.

After pregnancy:

We offer postpartum support to new mothers, helping them deal with the emotional changes accompanying the birth of a new baby, as well offering nutrition support to encourage successful milk production and breast feeding. We encourage mothers to think about the diet that works best for them and their baby. Also included in the post-pregnancy package is family nutrition counseling and how to establish healthy habits for your older children, new baby and spouse.

All programs will cover how to reduce the chemical and toxin exposure to you and your baby both inside and outside your home. It is possible for your custom designed nutrition and health support program to cross any of these timelines, in which case, any area where you need support will be be addressed in your private sessions, in person or via e-mail. The program provides you with twelve 50-minute sessions every two weeks and unlimited e-mail support.

Natural Remedies – an alternative to chemicals and medication

One off sessions designed to address a specific health concern you may have – e.g. finding foods or other natural alternatives to antibiotics and other drugs that you may be offered during or outside of pregnancy.

These sessions can be in-person, over the phone or via e-mail. For more information on HealthyMoon Coaching, please visit:

Please call or e-mail me for information about scheduling and rates.

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