We were thirty four weeks pregnant when we started hypnobirthing classes with Muneeza.  We were fed up with the established notion of birthing, and became excited when we found HypnoBirthing in Stamford.  Muneeza, as a mother herself, inspired us with her caring and loving way of passing all the information to us about how birthing is a natural process and not a medical situation. Three hour class evening sessions at first sounded like a lot after a full workday.  To our surprise the awesome attitude, the caring smile, and smoothness of our instructor’s voice accompanied by the translucent background music during the meditation sessions kept our interest at high levels at all times.  There was never a boring moment in any of the class sessions.  From the showing of real hypnobirthing videos, the input of the guest speakers, to the healthy delicious homemade raw vegan snacks and desserts, it was a hyper informational experience!!!  The time came to use what we were exposed to in class and, the breathing techniques made the difference!  The breathing meditations were the most helpful. Fear was non-existent during the whole birth process.  We home birthed our 9 lbs 2oz baby boy with the care of our midwife and the confidence that we built during our exposure to natural birthing in our HypnoBirthing class.  Thank you Muneeza for improving our world! Keep spreading the natural birthing to all birthing couples to be!  We will certainly be sharing our birth experience with everyone we know and referring our friends to your class.

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