Muneeza was nothing short of a pleasure to work with in the organisation of the recent Connecticut Birth Into Being Limbic Imprint Re-coding Workshop. Her attention to detail was impeccable and together we were able to draw in a beautiful, awakened & conscious group of people who were ripe to make the transformations and healing the process creates. And there was certainly immense healing that happened in our group of 23 people!

The workshop consists of the actual limbic ‘re-coding’ process as well as my sharing of research that I have studied for close to 30 years on the factors necessary for a safe, beautiful, calm and even ecstatic birth experience. My discussion covers all the factors that can impact conception, pregnancy and post-partum and up to 3 years of the baby’s life. Muneeza participated actively in the discussion, with her background as a HypnoBirthing practitioner, she asked insightful questions that benefited the whole group. I am also convinced that the knowledge gained from my workshop will help make her an even more intuitive and insightful resource for the couples she helps prepare for birth. Her work is so important and needed in the world today.

Her knowledge and skill in nutrition also plays a crucial role in how parents, especially the mother, prepares for her baby. Muneeza’s ability to connect with people and meet their needs is incredible. She has the perfect disposition to work with the Birthing Field, backed up by her own experience of giving birth gracefully and even ecstatically.

I look forward to returning to Connecticut next summer for more advanced levels of my Limbic Imprint Re-coding Workshop, which I, again, delegated to Muneeza to organize, because she did such an exceptional job last time. At my film screening, prior to the workshop, someone asked ‘What should I do to prepare for birth if I cannot attend your workshop, Elena?’ – I responded ‘Take Muneeza’s HypnoBirthing class, it will help you immensely!’.

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, creator of the groundbreaking documentary ‘Birth As We Know It’, leader of the ‘Birth Into Being’ trainings

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