Wow – what a day of learning, shifting, paradigm changing, gaining insights, changing our filters and reconnecting the dots it has been in today’s workshop with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova. This woman is a miracle worker. If you don’t know her yet – then you must watch her movie Birth as We Know it and check out her website If you are able to go to her next workshop, then do it! It will change your life. In our workshop we are so blessed to have a full house and many enlightened and highly evolved beings present. Everyone’s collective energy was so powerful for moving our workshop along today.

I am so amazed and moved at the shifts and insights I was gifted with today. I learned about how we are born can affect our limbic imprint, what indeed is the imprint and how ‘nurture’ can affect the imprint, analogies and metaphors to humans and nature and many things about how couples can connect after childbirth. Did you know the average time most women take to get back to full sexual activity is 2 YEARS after having a baby? Did you know the limbic imprint is an imprint of emotional reference points based on the experience of conception and in utero life of the baby. Which continues it is thought mostly until about the age of 3 and perhaps beyond that in some cases. Even though so much of what Elena discussed I was already aware of I share with moms in my HypnoBirthing classes, I learned so much more.

I had an experience today I will never forget. There is no adequate vocabulary I am aware of (or is the English language even capable of describing this depth) of feeling and emotion that I experienced today. The simplest and easiest way to describe it is the feeling of lightness, like some burden we never knew we were carrying was released and the only reason I feel it now, because I know what it’s like to be removed of the burden. I have a new ‘reference point’. The actual mechanism of the release can only be described as a deeply spiritual experience of funneling great energy in a grand spiral motion, through the body. Some could describe it as outer body, which I wouldn’t because I was very much in my body. To me, my internal experience of it was like funneling energy. In Elena’s words, my nervous system has been reset.

I feel like my relationship with my husband, children, parents, sisters etc. has shifted, subtly and dramatically. Again, it is hard to describe such an experiential process in words. In fact so hard is it, that perhaps this blog should be left unwritten. But I have had so much inquiry about the workshop and what it ‘IS’ that I feel moved to share SOMETHING, no matter how inferior the words may be to the actual experience I am having.

The interesting thing is that the group works together. While Elena seemingly focuses on one person, every single person in the group is affected also. I was affected in this way, without directly connecting with Elena. Whatever I processed happened because of the group dynamic. This enables a shift in us, and helps us release any experience stored in our ‘limbic’ brain that may be limiting or holding us back. What you feel afterwards is pure bliss! Sound good? What do you have to lose?

I am excited about day 2, which will bring more change and I cannot wait to experience it! Off to bed now…







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